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Kevin Kelly “1,000 True Fans”

Are the ways of gaining “1,000 true fans” skewed? I mean, some people are just in the right place at the right time and they could get 2,000+ followers on social media. And even then those specific followers could be just following for absolutely no reason, other than they think the person they’re following is cute or famous from their 5 minutes. Are these people even considered “true” fans?
What really bothers me about this particular situation is that it’s so unfair to artists out there who are actually trying to get people’s attention and make a name for themselves, or create their own fanbase.


“Netflix’s “Black Mirror” reflects reality – sometimes without changing a thing”, Tim Molloy

Something made fairly evident throughout every episode in this show is how new media technologies are making it easier to engage with other people, and how much easier it is to manipulate one’s agency through that technology. Even though all of these are set in a fiction world, they’re each carefully laced with the underlying truth: that we are headed this way. For example in “Nosedive”, everyone ranks each other on their devices based on their interactions. These rankings depend on social status, and whether or not their social status is high or low consequently decides on whether or not they can purchase a house, or get in to the building where they are employed. While exaggerated in the show, the effect that social media has on people and their actions that take place in the world is dead on. If technology keeps progressing, like it has since inventions begun, will our world turn into something like what we see on this show?






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  1. bboessen · December 9, 2016

    Re: pings @Kevin Kelly and @Tim Molloy, count them both.


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