Project Proposal

I will be working alone to produce a web 2.0 story consisting of a timeline detailing how we made the move from film to “new media” digital cameras, specifically focusing on the film industry. I plan on discussing the differences in the process of how each camera operates (during filming and viewing), and the difference in the end product as well. I will be presenting critic’s views on both as well, positive and negative, ones that prefer film and ones that prefer digital. I also plan on presenting actual facts, and not just opinions, about potential advantages and disadvantages for using both, through articles from websites.

By the time I complete the project, I hope to raise awareness to others of the differences, or advantages and disadvantages, between making a film using film or with digital.

Resources: computer and Internet. I will use Prezi, which will allow me to present my project through text, still pictures, screenshots of cited websites with reinforcing opinions or facts, audio from a mic, and even video.


One comment

  1. bboessen · October 25, 2016

    This is an interesting idea, and one that nicely dovetails both of your media studies courses this semester. Using Prezi is not unreasonable as a tool, with its spatial instead of linear arrangement of elements. However, you also mention a timeline, and there are some tools out there specifically for timeline production. Check out this post by Mo Pelzel, AC’s digital pedagogist, that describes one:


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