“Restricting youth to controlled spaces typically results in rebellion and the destruction of trust. Of course, for a parent, letting go and allowing youth to navigate risks is terrifying. Unfortunately, it’s necessary for youth to mature.”

It’s said in the reading how restricting youth from reaching out online is discouraged, yet they very briefly admit that some teenagers are restricted, specifically from using Myspace. While Boyd does establish good positive and negative points about the effect of social media on youth, he doesn’t really touch on the point I’m trying to understand. I’m wondering how big of a difference the effect is on teenagers who constantly use social media, use it and get banned, or have never used it. I’d like to talk about more specific examples for each of these in class.

Q: Restricting youth from using social media. How big of a difference does it make between restricting teenagers who constantly use social media, teenagers who use it and get banned, and teenagers who have never used social media?




  1. bboessen · October 12, 2016

    I’m not *quite* clear what the question is here – are you asking for more specific data on the points boyd is raising, or is this a question about how accurate boyd’s claims are? Please elaborate. 🙂


  2. samshep · November 2, 2016

    Sorry after reading it I realized my question was a little confusing. It was more about bringing in a personal question that was thought about while reading Boyd. What do you think of it now?


    • bboessen · November 4, 2016

      OK – I think I see what it’s about now. But the assignment for the Daily Quests asks you to pose a question that would “clarify and/or extend the material presented in the reading”; this question asks for an answer to a topic that’s related but ultimately outside of the boyd text itself.


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