Essential Media List

These are 5 specific media texts that I consider essential for myself:


  • This social media text allows me to communicate with either one person, a select few, or over 100 people with a simple picture. I regularly check the app on my cell phone around 4 times per day, but sometimes more than that. I like how it also has ‘filters’ you can use, even on videos.


  • This is music app is made free to users, however has advertisements constantly interrupting the flow of music, and thus offers a ‘premium’ option which costs money per month. They also offer a ‘student’ option which is really nice and costs much less money per month than the premium option. I listen to a variety of music, depending on my mood, every day through Spotify.

Us Weekly Magazine:

  • I was made a victim of losing my money through an online shoe shopping site during the summer, and while I got most of money back, they tried to make it up to me by giving me a free yearly subscription to a magazine I did not want. So now I get an issue every month from Us Weekly, a gossip magazine that mostly looks at celebrities’ lives and discusses their outfits, with the occasional story on a particular “hot topic” couple (like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt). While I didn’t want the magazine in the first place I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate getting something in my mailbox every now and then.


  • I am literally always using Netflix; It is open on my computer when I go to sleep and often when I wake up. Since my Freshman year of college (when I actually started using it) it has been my main source of viewing films and TV shows. I really like how huge the variety is and how accessible it is.

Google extensions:

  • The verb “just Google it” has become a casual saying nowadays for finding something out for you, near you or even through your phone for you so you don’t have to spend an excess amount of time trying to find it. This has gotten even easier, for me, by using Google Maps, to find directions to some place, Gmail, my main email other than the school email, finding out the weather, or using “Ok Google” which is like “Siri” on Iphones. It allows me to do things in my life easier  and with one or two simple swift moves with my finger on my phone screen.

One comment

  1. bboessen · November 28, 2016

    My apologies for missing this post, but it’s complete. Count it. 🙂


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